The key principles of the Macleay Valley No interest Loan Scheme are to uphold and promote the principles of social justice, with a commitment to assisting people in the local government area to access financial resources and support that promote increased economic and social participation in their community.   We believe that enhancing people‚Äôs financial options is an empowering process and a means of redressing inequalities in the financial market place.

NILS works alongside other Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre auspices such as Mid North Coast Financial Counselling Service, Mid North Coast Problem Gambling Financial Counselling Service, Smoking Cessation Program and Legal Aid, which can all offer extra assistance and support to NILS applicants, especially to those not eligible for a loan at the time.  These services and the Centre also  have strong and continually expanding relationships with an extensive network of government and non-government services enabling us to provide further, appropriate and timely information, referral and advocacy for NILS clients.

We continue to endeavour to increase contact with local and isolated Indigenous communities through outreach work, promotions and networking with other Indigenous service providers. This has contributed to Macleay Valley NILS maintaining our high level of service to Indigenous clients (78% of the loans approved this financial year) and has assisted in overcoming any perceived barriers Indigenous clients may have.

This service aims to provide interest free loans to low income earners who have a health care or pension card.

These loans that are up to $1000 depending on your circumstances are for the purchasing of essential household items such as:

  • Fridges
  • Washing Machines
  • Furniture
  • Medical Equipment
  • Green slips
  • Car repairs
  • School expenses

Conditions apply

Denise Drew

NILS Project Worker





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