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Home Energy Action Plan

(Funded by NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)


The HEAP program is a government subsidy that aims to get energy efficient appliances into homes in an effort to reduce energy costs to low income earners with a health care, pensioner concession card, Veterans Affairs Gold Card. This is a replacement program and aims to assist the environment, by offering new for old with all replacements being recycled, thus removing them from the market.

There are 40% subsidies available on a large selection of fridges and 50% subsidies on selected televisions. This offer is limited to one fridge and one TV per household. These appliances are only available through The Good Guys.

Clients can access the program by going online themselves or applying through their local NILS worker. Clients who are unable to fund the remaining portion of money for the appliance, can apply for a NILS loan to fund the purchase. In the last financial year our clients have purchased 27 refrigerators and 18 televisions through this program, with 99% of clients using the NILS program to finance the remaining balance.

This program which was initially to run for 12months, has now been extended indefinitely, however no more funding is available for administration of the program.



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